My name is Tamela Bennett Dunbar. I was born in Dallas Texas February 18, 1977. I learned at a very young age I was good with my hands. I started doing my own hair as well as my sisters at 7 years of age. At the age of 8, I learned to put on my mothers weave and fell in love with hair at that point. As I grew older it became not only about hair but about healthy hair, so by high school my hair was perfect. I found myself braiding girls hair for a dollar for lunch money.

Later attended MJ's beauty academy for a year and in 2000 became a licensed hair stylist. Later that year I married and had my second daughter. In hair school I learned how to study hair and scalp, I also attended the Bronner Brothers hair show and classes for weaving, braiding and cutting. I attended classes with Armstong Mcall to perfect my craft.

In Plano Texas I started my own business Naturally Healthy and Beautiful. In Texas I also did hair shows for up to 25 run way models in the surrounding area such as Arlington, San Antoino and Dallas. In late 2008 I relocated to New York City. In New York I worked at Tylers Barber and Beauty salon.

.My goal is to not just make your hair pretty but to manage the care of your hair.You must have healthy hair to have beautiful hair. This can be established by good professional products.

Thank you, Tamela Bennett